This page contains a list of training materials related to eProcurement. Click a link below to view a particular resource.

Special Request ePro Req

General procedures and simulations for ePro req tasks are listed in the section below.

Information about building a Special Request ePro req from a template or copying an existing req are listed in the section below.

Additional information about other optional ePro req tasks is listed in the section below.

Req and PO Voucher Approval

Procurement Approvals Process

The Procurement approvals process for requisitions and PO vouchers is outlined in the infocast below.

Requisition Approval

Department Managers and Procurement Services or Hospital Buyers approve requisitions when they are $100,000 or above.

PO Voucher Approval

The department approves PO vouchers when the supplier invoice does not match the line amounts or items on the Purchase Order. The approval process authorizes the discrepancy between the invoice and voucher, and who participates in the approval process depends upon the dollar amount of the voucher.
The ePro user (requester) approves PO vouchers under $10,000 with discrepancy lines.
Department Managers approve PO vouchers greater than or equal to $10,000 regardless of discrepancy.

ePro Receiving

Procedure for receiving against a req or PO for departments opting into ePro Receiving.