Voucher Approval Policies


After receiving the supplier invoice, Accounts Payable creates a Voucher by copying the appropriate PO lines or Non-PO lines into the voucher.  When the supplier’s invoice contains charges that are greater than the amount on the PO line, or line items that do not appear on the PO, the following procedures and business policies apply.

Business Policy

For PO vouchers, the following rules determine whether a voucher line “matches” the PO sufficiently to be paid or if further action is required to comply with University policy.

  • The amount on the voucher line is not more than 30% or $300 (whichever is less) over the amount for the line on the PO.
  • The item(s) on the supplier’s invoice are the same as the item(s) ordered on the PO.

PO Vouchers that fail to meet the above criteria require further approval(s) in order to be paid. Further approval(s) is also required for PO Vouchers greater than $10,000.

Business Process

For a PO voucher, if the amount on the voucher line does not meet the above criteria, Accounts Payable enters a new line on the PO Voucher to account for the discrepancy. This line is assigned the same ChartField values as the first line on the PO that has money available. The line covers the total dollar or quantity difference between the supplier’s invoice and the PO where 30%/$300 rule is exceeded. Only one line is added per PO Voucher to cover all discrepancies on the transaction. 

The description on the line, which displays on the Voucher Detail Expense Report and other reports, reads “PO/Invoice Discrepancy(cies)”. 

Designated approvers receive notification via email that a voucher needs approval. The PO Approval page can be accessed either by clicking the link provided in the email or from the M-Pathways Worklist. 

The table below identifies which M-Pathways role(s) has approver responsibility. Reading from left to right, if multiple approvals are required, the second approver doesn’t receive notification until the first one approves.

PO Voucher is: ePro Requestor Buyer Dept. Manager
Less than $10,000 with a discrepancy line Approves
$10,000 or greater with a discrepancy line Approves Approves
$10,000 or greater with no discrepancy line Approves
Non-PO Voucher Approves

If the person designated as the “ePro Requester” is no longer available to approve/deny a PO Voucher less than $10,000 (e.g., has left the University or is no longer an ePro user), the system routes the voucher to the Department Manager for approval.

All online Non-PO vouchers are routed to the department manager or their delegate for approval.

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