Create a Special Request eProcurement Requisition


Use the Special Request eProcurement Requisition (ePro req) to order items from external suppliers that are not strategic suppliers or M-marketsite suppliers.

For Special Request eProcurement requisitions (ePro reqs) that require competitive bidding by Procurement Services or when ordering goods or services that require special handling, you may need to submit supporting documentation, such as:

  • A specifications sheet (e.g., machinery specification) to be used in the competitive bid process
  • A supplier quotation (e.g. pricing)
  • A completed Sole Source Justification Form
  • An associated agreement that requires Procurement Services’ review and signature
  • Attached documentation is preferred to lengthy or detailed information in the Comments field on the Checkout page.

Important Information

  • If you maintain Ship To and ChartField values in your My Profile page, these values are automatically applied as defaults in your ePro reqs unless you choose to override them.
  • Budget check your req on the Confirmation page after submitting it for approval. This process verifies that a corresponding budget line exists for the ChartField combination(s) in the req and allows you to immediately identify any errors. If no errors exist and additional approvals aren’t required, the req is built into a PO automatically by the system. Failure to budget check may result in processing delays and additional steps to verify budget check status.
  • You must submit your req in order for it to progress through the system. If you only save the req, it will not be routed for approval (if special handling required), built into a purchase order (PO) by the system, and the PO won’t be sent to the supplier.


Homepage: Purchasing and Payments; Tile: Create Requisition

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click Requisition Defaults.

    Field location for step 1

  2. Enter or Lookup the Supplier ID.

    Field locations for steps 2-8

  3. If you’re working with Procurement Services or Hospital Procurement to place an order, enter or Lookup the Buyer.
  4. If the supplier has a procurement contract with the university, enter or Lookup the Contract ID.
    • Do not give the supplier the Contract ID number when discussing an order with a supplier. It will neither help you place the order nor will it help the supplier to fulfill it.
    • If you need a new supplier contract, contact Procurement Services.
    • You may also email a buyer in Procurement Services Directly.
    • If multiple contracts exist for a supplier, a buyer from Procurement Services can assist you with selecting the appropriate Contract ID.
  5. Verify, enter, or Lookup the Ship To code.
    • The Ship To is a code that represents a building name and a street address. When entered in a Special Request ePro req, this code translates to the delivery address that is printed on the PO.
    • When you are granted access to enter ePro requisitions in M-Pathways, you are assigned a Ship To value that defaults into the Ship To field in the My Profile page and on the ePro req Requisition Defaults page. This default value corresponds to the building in which you work. Unless otherwise requested, the Ship To value you are assigned begins with a 1.
    • Ship To codes beginning with 1 indicate the building only. The building name, street address, state, and zip code display on the purchase order (PO) that is sent to the supplier.
    • Ship To codes beginning with 2 indicate both the building and a specific room number. The building name, room number, street address, state, and zip code display on the PO.
  6. Enter the complete name and phone number, including area code, of the contact person for this req in the Attention field.
  7. Verify, enter, or Lookup the SpeedChart or ChartField combination for the req.
    • The SpeedChart is the same as a ShortCode.
    • Do not enter an Account value. It defaults from the Category entered on each req line.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Enter an Item Description.

    Field locations for steps 9-15

  10. Enter or select applicable values for the following fields for the req line:
    • Price (i.e., unit price)
    • Quantity
    • Unit of Measure (UOM)
    • Category
  11. If applicable, enter a departmental reference number in the DeptRefNo field for the line.
  12. If applicable, enter a comment for the line in the Additional Information field.
  13. Select where the comment applies:
    • Send to Supplier displays on the PO that goes to the supplier.
    • Show at Receipt displays at time of receiving and on saved receipt.
    • Show at Voucher provides payment information to Accounts Payable.
  14. Click Add.
    Note: Repeat steps 9-14 for additional items.
  15. Click the Shopping Cart Shopping Cart icon to review the items and if applicable, update the Quantity and Unit of Measure,
    Click Checkout to go directly to the Checkout page.
    • If applicable, you can add more items by clicking Continue Shopping.
    • In this procedure, you will go to the Checkout page.

Complete steps 16-27 to add attachments and comments to the entire req. Otherwise, go to step 28.

  1. Click Add Documents.

    Field location for steps 18 and 26

  2. Click Add Attachment.
  3. Click My Device.
  4. Navigate to and Open the file.
    Note: Only .pdf and .tif files are accepted.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Once the upload is complete, click Done.
  7. Click View to verify the document uploaded.
    Note: Repeat steps 16-21 to attach additional files.
  8. Click Done.
  9. If applicable, click Header Comments to add comments to the entire req.
  10. Enter Comment Text to notify Procurement Services that an attachment is included in the requisition.
    Note: Comments are required if you include an attachment.

    Field location for steps 27-29

  11. Select where the comment applies:
    • Send to Supplier displays on the PO that goes to the supplier.
    • Show at Receipt displays at time of receiving and on saved receipt.
    • Show at Voucher provides payment information to Accounts Payable.
  12. Click Done.
  13. If applicable, enter Justification Comments to provide approvers with reasons to approve the req.

    Field location for step 30

Complete steps 29-32 to add comments to an individual req line. Otherwise, go to step 33.

  1. Click Line Comments on the req line.
  2. Enter the Comment Text.

    Field location for steps 31-33

  3. Select where the comment applies:
    • Send to Supplier displays on the PO that goes to the supplier.
    • Show at Receipt displays at time of receiving and on saved receipt.
    • Show at Voucher provides payment information to Accounts Payable.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Click Schedule Details on the req line to view the shipping and ChartField information.

    Field locations for steps 18-19

  6. Verify, enter, or Lookup the Ship To code for the individual req line.

    Field locations for steps 38-41

To split the distribution for an individual req line among multiple ChartField combinations by the quantity of the item ordered or by dollar amount, complete steps 35-44. Otherwise go to step 45.
To split the distribution of multiple req lines by percent, refer to Split ChartField Distributions for an ePro Req using Mass Change.

  1. Verify the ChartFields1 tab is selected or click it.
  2. Select Quantity or Amount from the Distribute By drop-down list.
  3. Based on the value selected in step 36, change the Quantity, Percent, or Merchandise Amount field to the value you want to distribute to the first ChartField combination.
    Note: Changing the Quantity, Percent, or Merchandise Amount prior to adding the row allows the M-Pathways system to automatically calculate the values for the subsequent distribution(s).
  4. Click Add Row add row icon to insert an additional ChartField distribution row for the req line.
  5. Click the ChartFields2 tab.

    Field locations for steps 42-43

  6. Enter or Lookup ChartField values for the new distribution row.
  7. Repeat for steps 35-40 for additional distribution rows.
  8. If applicable, click the ChartFields3 tab to enter Project/Grant information. Otherwise, go to step 45.

    Field locations for steps 45-48

  9. Enter or Lookup the Project/Grant for applicable lines.
  10. Repeat steps 34-43 for additional req lines.
  11. Click Done.

Complete steps 46-49 to override the Supplier's default dispatch method and/or Payment Terms for the requisition. Refer to Select an Alternate Dispatch Method or Payment Terms for a Purchase Order for more information. Otherwise, go to step 50.

  1. Select Yes in the Override Default Dispatch to change the Address Sequence Nbr and Dispatch Method.

    Field locations for steps 50-55

  2. Enter or Lookup the Address Sequence Nbr.
  3. Select a Dispatch Method from the drop-down list.
    • To enter an alternate email or fax number for dispatch, select Email - User Entered or Fax - User Entered.
    • If two Suppliers are listed on a line, Phone is the only dispatch method that can be selected.
  4. Enter or Lookup the Payment Terms to override the payment terms set by the supplier record.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Verify the Status.

    Field locations for steps 56-59

  7. Click Check Budget.
  8. Review the Budget Status:
  9. If applicable, click Print Preview to display a printable version of the requisition in a separate browser window.

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