General Ledger Reporting Resources

Note: The General Ledger Reporting (GLC101) training course is no longer offered. Use the information and resources listed below to assist with general ledger reporting activities.

eReconciliation SOA Detail View

The M-Pathways eReconciliation SOA Detail view displays summary financial activity for your department or project/grant.


Reconciling Transactions

To fully reconcile the summary transactions on the eReconciliation SOA Detail page, you need to look at the detail for each transaction in order to:

  • Annotate the voucher detail (if applicable)
  • Mark the detail transaction as reconciled

To reconcile online or upload journals:

  • Link to the M-Pathways Journal Entry pages from the SOA Detail view
  • Locate the journal's Long Description and Authorization data
  • Review the journal's Lines page to verify information

The Voucher Detail button is used to:

  • Open the eReconciliation Voucher Detail view from the SOA Detail page
  • Link to the M-Pathways Voucher pages to locate payment information
  • Identify the type of transaction detail for various procurement transactions


The following documents describe the fields on each of the transaction detail pages that you can access from the SOA Detail page or from the specific eReconciliation Detail view:

eReconciliation Reports

The Run eRecon Reports link is used to:

  • Run the eReconciliation reports as a group
  • Run an individual (original) eReconciliation report as a stand-alone process