Communications, Comments and Checklists are used to track interactions with students in M-Pathways. These are known as the 3Cs. This page contains resources for working with 3Cs.

Individuals responsible for viewing, assigning and updating incoming and outgoing communications should complete the SAE102 - Introduction to Communications eLearning course in My LINC. Individuals planning to use Mail Merge to complete communications need to attend SAC202 - Letter Generation and Mail Merge.

3C Setup Request Matrices

Offices needing new or changed 3C setups must complete the appropriate matrix and submit the form to the ITS Service Center.

Individuals with security access to the 3C Quick Set Up pages can create new Checklists, Communications and Comment Categories. The following documents provide information on how to use the Quick Set Up pages.

Create a New Checklist Create a Communication Create Comment Category

Sample Templates & Merge Fields

The sample Microsoft Word templates listed in this section are used with ccltrgen and Data Warehouse data. The Merge Fields documents show which fields can be included in these templates.

For more information on Mail Merge, see Letter Generation and Mail Merge Process and Run Letter Generation.

Batch Load of Communications

The Batch Load of Communications process provides a method to assign communication records within M-Pathways to many EmplIDs simultaneously. Batch Load of Communications Process provides resources for each step in the process.

The following templates describe the file layout used to load communications in batch. Download the appropriate template based on the Administrative Function you are using.