Create Comment Category


New comment categories can be created and linked to a 3C group using the Comment Set Up Quick Entry. The process of setting up a comment category is restricted to users with appropriate access. Changes to existing comment categories require contacting the ITS Service Center.


NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Comments > Set Up Comments > Comment Quick Set Up

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Enter a code for the new comment category in the Comment Category field.
    • Duplicate Comment Categories are not allowed.

    Comment Set Up Quick Entry page

  2. Enter a Description.
  3. Enter a Short Description.
  4. Select the Admin Function.
    • Administrative Functions are high-level identifiers used to group checklists. Each Administrative Function represents a functional area that processes checklists. If you are unsure which Administrative Function to use, consult the list of Administrative Functions.
  5. Enter or Lookup the 3C Group.
    • If necessary, consult the list of available 3C groups to ensure you are selecting the correct group.
  6. Select whether or not users can edit comments from the Changes Allowed drop-down list. Options are:
    • Yes – Users have full access to add, change, or edit comments on the Person Comment Entry page.
    • Append – Users can add to the comment using the Append Comments field on the Person Comment Entry page, but cannot modify the original comment.
    • No – Users cannot modify the original comment, nor append comments to the original comment.
  7. Check the Viewable By All? box if the comment category is available to all users both inside and outside your department.
  8. (optional) Enter further information about the comment category in the Comments field.
  9. Click Create Set Up to save the comment category.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click OK.