This page links to user documentation and resources for creating and approving Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP) Requests in M-Pathways. Click a link below to view a particular resource.

General Information

The following eLearning course introduces the procedure for requesting Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP) payments for study participants. Learners will complete a simulation to learn the detailed steps of entering an HSIP request in Wolverine Access.

The following reference document is applicable to both Requestors and Approvers of HSIP Payment Requests. It provides useful information regarding the use of the online HSIP Payment Request Form, as well as links to HSIP resources.

Additional Resources

  • To read about the business processes surrounding the Requestor and the Approver functions or sign up for training, visit theĀ Treasurer's Office website.
  • For questions regarding HSIP business process, contact the HSIP Office: 734-615-4661.
  • For M-Pathways questions, contact the ITS Service Center: 734-764-HELP.