Approve a Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP) Request


This procedure demonstrates how to locate and approve an HSIP request in M-Pathways. The Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP) form in M-Pathways is used to request funds to pay for a person’s participation in a research study at the University. The requestor enters your uniqname in the HSIP form, identifying you as the unit approver for a request. Unit approval is required to:

  • Verify the data on the HSIP request is entered appropriately.
  • Enter or verify the ShortCode/ChartField combination to which the incentive payment will be charged.
  • Authorize the HSIP Office to release the funds to the researcher or human subject.

Refer to the Treasurer’s Office website for more information on HSIP business processes.

Refer to the Additional Approver Tasks section of this document for instructions to return HSIP requests, track request status, and to upload subject details for a request.


NavBar > Navigator > Human Subject Incentive Pymnt > Human Subject Incentive Form

Step-by-Step Process

As the approver, you receive an email from M-Pathways notifying you of an HSIP request to approve.

The email contains information used to locate the HSIP request in M-Pathways:

  • HSIP Control # (unique tracking number for the request)
  • Principal Investigator (uniqname)
  • HUM # (if applicable)

The link in the email takes you to Wolverine Access.

Approval Email

  1. Enter the HSIP Control No..

    Field locations for steps 1-2

  2. Click Search.

    Note: An alternate search option is to enter your uniqname in the Approver field; select Submitted for Approval from the Status drop-down list; click Search. This limits results to those requests requiring your attention. Select an HSIP request from the Search Results list.

  3. Click Expand All to view all sections of the request form.

    Field location for step 3

  4. Review the data entered by the Requestor in the following sections. If needed, change any information.
    • Principal Investigator
    • Study Information
    • Payment Information
    • Custodian Information (Alternate Pickup)
    • Payment Type Details
    • Delivery Information

If the requestor did not enter the Accounting Details, enter the ShortCode or ChartField combination to indicate who pays for the incentive before approving the request.

When a requestor selects Courier delivery, an accounting line is added automatically to record the unit surcharge. Enter the unit ShortCode/ChartFields to pay for this charge. Federal funds cannot be used.

The Account Type field defaults to Incentive. Do not change this value.

  1. Enter a Shortcode value to auto-populate the corresponding ChartFields
    Enter or Lookup Lookup icon applicable values in the Fund, Department, Program, Class, and Project/Grant fields.

    Field locations for steps 5-7

  2. Enter the Amount.
  3. If more than one ShortCode/ChartField combination will be used to fund the incentive, click Add a new row Add Row icon, then repeat steps 5 and 6.
  4. Click Approve.

    Note: Upon approval the system:

    • Grays out the Approve button
    • Updates the Approved By and Approved On fields
    • Sends an email alert to the requestor, PI, Custodian(s), and the HSIP Office

Additional Approver Tasks

Return a Request

To return the form to the requestor for more information prior to approval:

  • Enter a description of information needed in the Approver’s Comments field.
  • Click Additional Information Needed.

The requestor receives a system email notification to change the request and resubmit (if applicable).

Check the Status of a Request

Use the Search Results list on the Find an Existing Value page to check the status of a request.

  • Search using any of the alternate search fields (i.e., those except HSIP Control No).
  • Review the Payment Request Status and Distrib Date fields.
    • Completed By (uniqname) and Completed On (date) fields are displayed on the HSIP form.

Search Results List

Upload Subject Details

An Approver can attach and upload signed Human Subjects Incentive Receipts (PDF copies) and/or completed subject information templates in the HSIP form to submit the required distribution documentation to the HSIP Office.

  1. Click View Add Attachment.

    Field location for step 1

  2. Click Add Attachment.

    Field locations for steps 2-8

  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Navigate to and select the file.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. Click Add row to add additional files.

    Note: If applicable, click Delete row Delete Row Icon to delete files.

  8. Click OK to return to the request form.