Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP) - Overview

This reference document provides tips and information about the HSIP Request form, including links to other resources.

What is an HSIP Request?

The online Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP) form in M-Pathways is used to request funds to pay for a person’s participation as a subject in a research study at the university.

The request is the first part in the HSIP process, which includes:

  • Unit approval
  • Distribution of funds
  • Payment documentation

Human Subject data is confidential.

The HSIP process allows you to obtain and submit subject details required by Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and Financial Operations for auditing purposes, while maintaining confidentiality.

Subject details (e.g., names) are not displayed in other M-Pathways or central university systems.

Who works with HSIP requests?

Role Responsibility Additional Info
  • Completes HSIP form online
  • Obtains the Subject Detail receipt
Must be an active University employee or student with an EmplID, uniqname, and Kerberos password.
  • Edits and approves HSIP request
  • Submits subject details
The M-Pathways PR HSIP UNIT ADMINISTRATOR security role is required. See your Financial Unit Liaison for help if you need this role.
  • Picks up and distributes funds (if applicable)
  • Obtains subject documentation
  • May have more than one Custodian (a.k.a., Alternate Pickup) for a request
  • Study Team member - doesn't need to be PI.
HSIP Office
  • Processes HSIP requests
  • Ensures compliance for subject reporting
Part of the Treasurer’s Office, this office sets U-M HSIP policy and business processes in accordance with state and federal human subjects research guidelines.
Cashier's Office
  • Option as a pick-up location for cash funds
  • Option for subject redemption of payment coupons
Cash will not be released by the Cashier’s Office to anyone who is not designated as the Custodian/Alternate Pickup on a request.

HSIP Distribution Information

Payment Type

You can request incentive funds in these formats (Payment Types):

  • Card
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Payment Coupon

Distribute To

Funds are distributed to either the:

  • Researcher (i.e., Custodian or Alternate Pickups)
  • Subject

Delivery Type

Delivery options for funds vary depending on:

  • Type of payment
  • Who receives the initial distribution (researcher or subject)

HSIP offers many options. Instructions for each option are on the HSIP Requestor Resources Page.

Instructions include the lead time that the HSIP Office requires to fulfill the request.

HSIP Request Status

You can view the status of HSIP requests online.

Values are:

  • Not Submitted—request has been started and saved.
  • Submitted for Approval—requestor has submitted the HSIP form online.
  • More Information Needed—approver returned the form to the requestor for changes.
  • Approved—approver verified request and submitted it to the HSIP for processing.
  • Released for Payment—HSIP Office has authorized the release of funds to the researcher or subject.
  • Paid—Funds were distributed to the Custodian or subject(s).
  • Completed—HSIP Office has received the required documentation (receipt/template) for payments.
  • Cancelled—the Requestor cancelled the request.

HSIP Documentation Requirements

Document the subject’s receipt of an incentive with a subject detail form.

Applicable forms include:

  • Subject Details Form/HSIP Receipt (in HSIP system, pre-filled with request data)
  • Blank receipt by Tier (HSIP website)
  • Subject information templates (HSIP website)

Approvers upload or submit subject documentation to the HSIP Office.

Additional Resources