Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word


This document provides information about using mail merge functionality in Microsoft Word 2016.

The basic mail merge functionality in Word 2016 is similar to the functionality in previous versions, but the buttons and dialog boxes differ.

Microsoft Word 2016 Mail Merge Toolbar

Word Mailings Toolbar

Icon Button Name and Description
envelopes icon


Create envelopes for your documents.

labels icon


Create labels for your documents.

start mail merge icon

Start Mail Merge

Begin the mail merge process by selecting from the drop-down menu the type of document you want to create. Alternatively, select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard from the drop-down menu to display the Mail Merge Wizard. This will lead you through each step of the mail merge process.

select recipients icon

Select Recipients

Choose the people to whom you wish to send your completed documents by typing a new recipient list or selecting a data source that contains a recipient list.

Edit Recipient List icon

Edit Recipient List

Display each row of data from the data source/recipient list in a datasheet view.

Highlight Merge Fields icon

Highlight Merge Fields

Click to highlight fields in a document. Click again to turn off highlighting.

Note: The fields that you add using the Rules button are not highlighted.

Address Block icon

Address Block

Add an address field to your document.

Greeting Line icon

Greeting Line

Add a greeting line field to your document.

Insert Merge Field icon

Insert Merge Field

Select the field representing any column from your data file.

Rules icon


Use options under this button to add fields that display information about the document itself or perform some action or calculation.

Match Fields icon

Match Fields

If Word could not match a column from your data file with a field, click Match Fields to match it manually.

Preview Results icon

Preview Results

Click once to display merge results. Click again to display fields.

First Record, Previous Record, Next Record, Last Record icon

First Record, Previous Record, Next Record, Last Record

Navigate to a specific merged record.

Go To Record icon

Go To Record

Type a number to navigate to a specific merged record.

Find Recipient icon

Find Recipient

Find merged documents that contain a certain word(s).

Auto Check for Errors icon

Auto Check for Errors

Find and fix errors in your document.

finish and merge icon

Finish & Merge

This button contains three options.

  • Select Edit Individual Documents to create a new comprehensive document that contains all of the merged documents you just created, with one merged document per page or section.
  • Select Print Documents to merge your documents to the printer without previewing.
  • Select Send Email Messages to send merged email messages using another program. Your data file must contain a column that lists each recipient’s email address.

Mail Merge Wizard

To use the Word Mail Merge Wizard:

  1. Click Start Mail Merge.
  2. Click Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard...

The Mail Merge Wizard leads you through each of the following six steps.

  1. Select document type
  2. Select starting document
  3. Select recipients
  4. Write your letter/Arrange your labels
  5. Preview your documents
  6. Complete the merge

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