Batch Load of Communications Process
3. M-Pathways Processes the Input File and Sends an Email Report


This document describes step three of the Batch Load of Communications process.

Step-by-Step Procedure

When M-Pathways processes the input file, it first does a preliminary edit check, then looks for any additional errors and processes the records without errors.

Preliminary Edit Check

After uploading the file, M-Pathways initially screens the file for basic data required to load each row. Processing time is based on the number of rows in the input file. If the file contains more than 1,000 rows, processing may take longer than one minute. The preliminary edit checks for:

  • Missing variable data – This results in an error if the value in a field does not match that field’s characteristics, including length and type (date, numeric, or character). This may happen if one of the fields in the input file is not in the correct order or was left blank.
  • Missing key data, such as EmplID.
  • Invalid security, such as a speed key in the input file for which the person loading the file does not have security access, or an invalid Administrative Function/Speed Key combination.

If the system detects these basic errors, it displays the number of rows containing errors in an edit message. Based on the number of errors, you may choose to correct the data in the input file and resubmit it for processing.

After the preliminary edit check, you need to:

  1. Review the Preliminary edits message displayed after the system completes pre-processing.
  2. Based on the message, click Yes or No.
    • Select No to discontinue the process. Correct the errors in the input file, and upload the file again. No email with report attachment is generated if the process is discontinued.
    • Select Yes to continue the process if all rows passed OR to continue the process and load the rows without errors. Any error rows can be corrected and included in a future input file.

System Validation and Processing

After the preliminary edit, the program may find records with additional errors, such as “Application not found” or an “Invalid Last Name.” These errors, plus the preliminary errors, are listed on the Batch Load of Communication Report, as shown in the next step.

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