Create a PAR (Personnel Action Request)


There are 2 parts to creating a PAR (Personnel Action Request):

Part 1: Create a PAR: The first steps that all PAR transactions begin with.

Part 2: Individual PAR Transaction Type: Steps vary by the type of PAR transaction being created.

This procedure is Part 1: Create a PAR. It outlines the first steps that all PAR transactions begin with. Links to Individual PAR Transaction Types (Part 2) are provided at the bottom of this document.

Important Information

Part 1: Create a PAR


Homepage: Workforce Administration; Tile: Personnel Action Request > Create PAR

NavBar > Navigator > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Personnel Action Request (PAR) > Create PAR

  1. Enter search criteria in one or more of the following field(s).
    • Empl ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Campus ID

  2. Click Search.
  3. Note: Searching by Last Name and First Name may return multiple employee records in a search results list. Verify that you are choosing the correct employee record from the search results list.

  4. Check the applicable employee level transaction type box(es).
  5. Location of four employee level change checkboxes

    Note: If you are making Working Title Changes Only, go to step 6.

  6. Check the Select? box(es) for the appointment(s) that is(are) changing.
  7. Personnel Action Request Page - Select? Checkbox

  8. Check the box(es) for the PAR transaction type(s) you would like to complete.
  9. Personnel Action Request Page Expanded


    • Additional fields may display below transaction type checkboxes to aid in the creation of the transaction (i.e., Effective Date).
    • You can select multiple PAR transaction checkboxes at one time. However, certain PAR transaction combinations are incompatible/not allowed. Incompatible checkbox options are hidden from view.
    • If different transaction types are selected for multiple appointments, the Shared Services Center HR group will be added as the final approval in order to manually enter the transactions.
    • If a department, funding, or effort change is required with a Job Data Change, the DBE Change checkbox and Change Effective On fields will populate automatically.

  10. Click Begin Transaction.
  11. Note: Fields available for editing will vary by PAR transaction type.

  12. Continue to the applicable individual PAR transaction type procedure(s) below.