Project/Grant Budget Status Report (PBSR) - Field Descriptions

Running the M-Pathways PBSR

The process to run the PBSR is similar to any M-Pathways report. For instructions, see the "Run Report" documents based on your computer's operating system: Windows or Mac.

Use the Show Estimates Only Thru Funding End Dt? parameter to determine the range of payroll estimate data in the report.

  • When checked, this option ends the payroll estimate calculation at each employee's Funding End Date for their appointment to the project. (Default option)
  • When unchecked, this option extends the payroll calculation for employees appointed to the project through the Budget Period End Date for a sponsored project/grant or through the Fiscal Year End Date for a non-sponsored project/grant.

Add/Update a Person screen found under the Personal Information section.


The pictures and field descriptions below explain how to read a Project/Grant Budget Status Report (PBSR). This report displays the authorized budget, project balances, unit-defined commitments, and summarized financial estimate data by budget Account value for each Fund/Department combination of the budgeted Project/Grant (P/G). It also provides project-to-date revenue and Actuals balance by Fund. Use this report for budgeted M-Pathways Project/Grants (i.e., most commonly those beginning with F, N, M or R) or for legacy Project/Grants (i.e., those beginning with C) that are budgeted by Fiscal Year.

This document uses a sample PBSR to describe the report header, report fields, and amount rows. Not shown in the picture below is the report processing information (e.g., Run Date and Run Time). This information appears in the right corner of the report header.

Report Header

Report Header.

Report Field
Report Title
The name of the report appears as a header at the top, center of the report.
Report ID
This value identifies the report in the M-Pathways system. Each unique version of a report has its own Report ID.
Report Parameters
The fields from the report’s Parameters page display on the left side of the header. The Monthly Rpt Period field combines the Fiscal Year and the [Accounting] Period parameter values.
Project/Grant Information

The following fields provide basic information about the Project/Grant

  • P/G Eff Status – indicates whether the Project/Grant is Active or Inactive.
  • P/G Status – shows the approval status of the Project/Grant.
  • P/G Start End – displays the date range identifying the lifetime of the Project/Grant.
  • P/G Department – lists the Dept ID and description of the department initial academic or administrative unit that has programmatic, operational and fiscal (including budgetary) responsibility for the Project/Grant.
  • Sponsor/Donor – identifies the name of the organization, company, etc. who provides the funding for the Project/Grant.
  • Spon Award No – shows the Sponsored Award Number assigned by the sponsor to the Project/Grant during the proposal stage.
Contact Information

The following fields identifies who to contact regarding questions about the PBSR:

  • Project Director – displays the name of the person who has overall responsibility for the Project/Grant.
  • P/G Administrator – shows the name and campus address of the person who has administrative responsibility for the Project/Grant.
  • FinOps Coordinator – lists the name, phone number, and U-M email address of the person responsible for maintaining the budget data and for reporting to the Project/Grant sponsor.
Budget Period

Displays the date range for the Project/Grant’s Authorized Budget. The funding model for Project/Grant determines the date range in the Budget Period field. This field value determines the end date for the payroll estimate data in the report if the Show Estimates Only Thru Funding End Dt checkbox is unchecked at the time the report is run.

  • A Project/Grant that receives annual funding throughout its lifetime shows a range of one year (e.g., 01-OCT-2006 to 30-SEP-2007).
  • A Project/Grant that receives full funding at the beginning displays a range reflecting the lifetime of the Project/Grant (e.g., 01-OCT-1998 to 30-SEP-2008).

IC Basis

IC Rate

The Indirect Cost Basis field shows a code identifying the group of Account values eligible for indirect cost recovery for the Project/Grant. Indirect cost is the cost of the resources provided by the University (i.e., overhead) for sponsored activity. Examples include: utilities, libraries, and departmental administration. These costs are also called Facilities and Administrative Costs.

The Indirect Cost Rate field displays the percentage at which indirect cost is charged.

Report Columns

Report columns.





Displays the ChartField combination for the Project/Grant budget lines (e.g., Fund, Department, budget Account). Repetitive ChartField values are not displayed.

  • If the Project/Grant has multiple Funds for cost-sharing purposes, the report data is displayed in Fund value order (e.g., Fund 10000 budget lines appear first with sub-total rows, followed by Fund 20000).
  • If the Project/Grant has multiple departments associated with it, the report data is displayed in Fund/Dept ID order.

Budget Category

Defines the budget Category associated with the budget Account value.

Authorized Budget

This data reflects the approved budget for the date range in the Budget Period field only.

  • For sponsored P/Gs, it shows the amount for each P/G budget line as approved by the sponsor and maintained by Sponsored Programs.
  • For all other P/Gs, it is the budget amount as entered by the department or by the Financial Operations Fund Area.

Project to Date Expenditures

If a Project/Grant is budgeted on a life-to-date basis, this column displays the sum of Actuals Ledger expenditures for each budget line from the P/G Start date through the Monthly Rpt. Period date (e.g., October 1998 through December 2006).

If the P/G is budgeted on a Fiscal Year basis (e.g., non-sponsored Project/Grants), the column displays year-to-date Actuals Ledger expenditures.


Project Balance

Provides a basic subtotal for each budget line using the following formula: Authorized Budget – Project to Date Expenditures = Project Balance. This balance is as of the date shown in the Monthly Rpt Period field.

Pay/Ben/FA Estimates

Displays Payroll, Benefits (including Benefit Recharge Distribution), Financial Aid, and Indirect Cost estimates for future expenditures by the budget Account value and budget Category. This column forecasts salary, fringe benefit, and student financial aid expenditures for upcoming project/grant Budget Periods and provides information for you to adjust spending patterns accordingly.

  • The Payroll and Benefit estimates calculation begins with the Accounting Period following the Monthly Rpt Period and goes through the next two fiscal years (e.g., 01-JAN-07 through 30-JUN-09).
    • The Benefit Recharge Distribution (BRD) estimate calculation is the sum of the estimated amounts for the expense Account values that are subject to the recharge multiplied by the current recharge rate.
  • The Financial Aid estimate calculation begins with the Accounting Period following the Monthly Rpt Period and goes through the current Financial Aid year (e.g., through Academic Year 2007).
  • The Indirect Cost estimate calculation is a percentage of the applicable estimated expenses as represented by the IC Basis and IC Rate for the Project/Grant.

The Thru [date] field under the column heading displays the end date for the P/G budget period.

  • If the end date for the P/G budget period occurs before the end date for the estimate data, the P/G budget period end date is used as the cut-off date for the estimate (see picture).
  • If the end date for the P/G budget period occurs after the end date for the estimate data, the estimate data end date is used as the cut-off date for the estimate.

Unit Defined Commitments

Summarizes any future expenditures or revenues that the Project/Grant expects to pay or receive at a certain point in time. Summarized Indirect Costs for expenditures on sponsored Project/Grants are automatically calculated and displayed. Expense commitments appear per budget Account and budget Category. Revenue commitments appear on the Total Revenues row.

For summarized commitment data to appear on a PBSR, the Unit Defined Commitment must have a Begin Date less than or equal to the end date of the Monthly Rpt Period (e.g. 12/31/06 or prior) and an End/Pay Date greater than or equal to the last date of the Monthly Rpt Period (e.g., 12/31/06 or later).


Projected Balance

Provides a subtotal for each budget line using the following formula: Project Balance – Pay/Ben/FA Estimates – Unit Defined Commitments = Adjusted Balance.

Report Rows

The PBSR has multiple subtotal rows for Fund and Department (if applicable) and three total Project/Grant rows. The picture below shows a section of a PBSR as an example. The report column headings have been added to the picture to help you identify the totals displayed.

Report columns.

Report Field

Total Direct Cost

Indirect Cost

If the Project/Grant has federal or non-federal sponsored funding (e.g., Funds 20000 or 25000) direct expenditures and indirect costs are sub-totaled separately to distinguish between the two types of costs..
Total for Fund [value]

Displays the sub-totals for the columns for the specific Fund.

If the Project/Grant has budget lines in multiple Funds for cost-sharing purposes, the report data is displayed in Fund value order (e.g., Fund 10000 budget lines appear first, followed by Fund 20000 budget lines). Each Fund has its own sub-total row.


Total Revenues

Actuals Balance

These two rows display for each Fund associated with the Project/Grant and for the overall Project/Grant. They provide a comparison to the Project/Grant Statement of Activity report.

  • The Total Revenues field displays the sum of the Actuals Ledger revenue based on the applicable Revenue Account values and the budget set-up (e.g., life-to-date or year-to-date) for the Project/Grant.
  • The Actuals Balance field displays the sum for the following calculation: Total Project to Date Expenditures – Total Revenues = Actuals Balance.
Total for [P/G value]
Displays the overall Project/Grant total for each column within the report, including all the Funds and Departments associated with the Project/Grant.

Current Month Expenses

The PBSR contains a summary of the current Accounting Period expenses by Fund and Budget Category at the end of the report. A Total Direct Cost sub-total row is included to separate direct expenses from Indirect Cost for sponsored Project/Grants. This summary allows you to compare the monthly expenses for the Project/Grant as they roll-up to budget categories to the monthly expenses on the Statement of Activity by Project/Grant report as they roll-up to Account Groups. The Total Expenses for P/G amounts by Fund on the PBSR match the Statement of Activity.

Add/Update a Person screen found under the Personal Information section.

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