Apply for Graduation in Student Business

Important Information

This document describes the steps taken by a student to apply for graduation via Wolverine Access Student Business


Homepage: Student Self Service; Tile: Student Center

Wolverine Access > Students > Student Business > NavBar > Navigator > Degree/Progress > Apply for Graduation

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Select Apply for Graduation from the other academic... drop-down list..
  2. Student Center screenshot.

  3. Click Go.
  4. Click the applicable Academic Program.
    • When applying for graduation, each Academic Program must be applied for separately.
  5. Select a value in the Expected Graduation Term drop-down list.
    • If your expected graduation term does not appear, please contact your School or College or Academic Department.
  6. Select the applicable radio button under the student's name.
  7. Name Change screenshot.

  8. If Include changes below is clicked, select radio buttons in the following fields/section:
    • Modify Middle Name
    • Modify Name Suffix
    • Special Formatting
  9. Click Continue.

Undergraduate Only: The Engaged Learning Report page populates for completion. This survey is only completed by undergraduate students applying for graduation.

    Engaged Learning Report screenshot.

  1. Enter the applicable information on the Alumni Information page.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Verify that all information is correct on the Verify Graduation Data page.
  4. Click Submit Application.
    • The Submit Confirmation page displays.