Request a Supplier ID


The M-Pathways Supplier Database stores information about all the suppliers who supply goods and services to the University. A supplier’s record must exist in the database before you can complete any procurement transaction (e.g., ePro req, Payment Request, etc.) for that supplier.

This document provides instructions to:

  • Request a Supplier ID
  • Review or Edit a Supplier Request

Important Information

The online supplier request process does not immediately provide you with a Supplier ID number. Each request is in Pending Status until reviewed by Supplier Maintenance. Upon completion of the review process, Supplier Maintenance notifies you via email if the request is completed (i.e., approved) or denied. For an approved request, this email contains the Supplier ID.

Do not place an order with, or process a PeoplePay payment for, the new supplier until you receive the Supplier ID.

If you have questions regarding a particular supplier or the business process related to requesting a Supplier ID, contact Supplier Maintenance by calling (734) 615-2000 option 3, option 1.

If you receive the following error message when requesting a new Supplier ID, the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) already exists in the Supplier Database or in the Request Database. For assistance, contact Supplier Maintenance, (734) 615-2000 option 3, option 1.

Duplicate TIN error message


NavBar > Navigator > Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Request Supplier

Request a Supplier ID

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Do not use any punctuation or special characters, such as ampersands (&), apostrophes, hyphens, periods, or slashes in the following fields:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Supplier Name (e.g., Toms Flowers, Darla Lexus Seville, Jones and Jones Co)
  • Address fields (e.g., Address 1, City)
  • Telephone

  1. If applicable, click the Add a New Value tab.

    Field locations for steps 1-4

  2. If applicable, check the Foreign Supplier box.

    Note: If the Foreign Supplier box is checked, a message displays. Indicate whether the supplier has a US-issued TIN.

    • If they do, click Yes, then go to step 3.
    • If they do not, click No. The system automatically populates the Taxpayer Identification Number field with a value of NEXT. Go to step 4.

  3. Enter the Taxpayer Identification Number.

    Note: The TIN is a nine-digit number and may be the supplier’s social security number (SSN) or an Employee Identification number (EIN).

  4. Click Add.
  5. Select the TIN Type from the drop-down list.

    Field locations for steps 5-6

  6. Enter the Supplier Name.
  7. Enter or Lookup the address information in the following Supplier Address and Details fields:
    • Country (if applicable)
    • Address 1 – supplier’s street address
    • City
    • County (if applicable)
    • Postal (e.g. zip code)
    • State

    Note: If applicable, enter additional street address information in Address 2 and Address 3 fields (e.g., apartment number or international address lines).

    Field locations for steps 7-9

  8. If applicable, click Add a new row add row icon and repeat step 7 to enter additional Ordering addresses for the supplier.

    Note: For additional Ordering addresses, enter Ordering in the Description field.

  9. If applicable, enter an email address for the supplier in the Email ID field.
  10. If applicable, enter or select the supplier’s Phone Information in the following fields:
    • Phone Type (e.g., Business)
    • Int’l Prefix (if applicable)
    • Telephone - including the area code (e.g., 7345551212)
    • Extension (if applicable)
  11. If applicable, click Add a new row add row icon and repeat step 10 to enter additional phone information.
  12. Click the applicable Payment Method radio button. If you select Draft or Wire and have the banking infomation available, click Attach Banking Info.

    Field locations for steps 12-15

  13. Select the reason for requesting the supplier be added to the database from the Request Type drop-down list.

    Note: If you select Purchase of Goods/Services, enter or select the Category value associated with the main item/service purchased from the supplier. This field only appears with this Request Type value.

  14. If different than yourself, enter the name, phone #, and email address of the individual responsible for the request in the Additional Info field.

If you have a completed W-9 form from the supplier, complete steps 14 through 22. If not, go to step 21.

To enter W-9 information:

  1. Check the W-8 or W-9 Form Received from Supplier box.
  2. Click Attach Form.

    Note: The Attach button appears only when the W-9 Form Received from Supplier box is checked.

  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Navigate to the location of the saved W-9 document and click on it to select it.

    Note: The W-9 can be in any format (e.g., .pdf, .xlsx or .doc) to be electronically attached to the request, but a PDF format works best with the View functionality.

  5. Click Open to populate the Choose File field with the file name.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Verify that the file name appears in the W9-Form field.


    • View and Delete buttons appear only after a file has been successfully attached.
    • Click the link in the Other Information group box to obtain U-M’s substitute W-9 form in order to provide it to a supplier for completion.

  9. Click Save.

Review or Edit a Supplier Request

You can use the Find an Existing Value tab to:

  • Review the status of a supplier request.
  • Access a supplier request with an Entry Status value of Pending in order to edit the request.
  • Review any Comments for a supplier request with an Entry Status value of Denied.

You may only review or edit supplier requests that you submit. Refer to Locate a Supplier to learn how to find a Supplier ID in the Supplier Database and review that record.

  1. Click Search.

    Note: Clicking Search displays a list of all the supplier requests you’ve submitted. Enter search criteria to narrow your search for a specific supplier.

    Field locations for steps 1-3

  2. To verify the status of your request(s), review the Entry Status value.
  3. Click the Tax Identification Number in the Search Results list to open a specific request.
  4. If applicable, make any changes to the pending supplier request information.
  5. Review any comments entered by Supplier Maintenance in the Review Comments field.

    Field locations for steps 5-6

  6. Click Save.