Change ChartFields or Split Distributions on a M-marketsite Order


A ShortCode value is required in M-marketsite. When you return the line item(s) to eProcurement from M-marketsite, the system defaults the ChartField combination into the ePro req based on the ShortCode value used. Changing ChartFields or splitting a ChartField distribution for an item is completed after the lines are returned to eProcurement. 

This procedure begins at that point of returning lines to ePro from M-marketsite and only demonstrates the steps to change or split ChartField distributions. For basic instructions to complete an M-marketsite ePro requisition, see Enter a M-marketsite Order.

Important Information

Do not use the Web browser’s Back button to navigate within M-Pathways or M-marketsite. Using the Back button may result in errors. M-Pathways and M-marketsite pages contain links, tabs, or breadcrumb trails that allow you to return to previous pages.


Homepage: Purchasing and Payments; Tile: Create Requisition

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click Return Lines to ePro.
    Note: You cannot return to M-marketsite to add additional lines to the order after you click Return Lines to ePro.

    Requisition page

  2. Click Schedule Details to review or modify the Requisition Lines and Accounting Lines (i.e., ChartFields).
    Optional: If desired, enter a Requisition Name to facilitate tracking your order in M-Pathways.

    Checkout page

To split the ChartField distribution for the line item, you will begin on the Chartfields1 tab:

  1. Change the Quantity to the quantity of items you would like distributed to the first ChartField combination (e.g., from 20.0000 to 10.0000).
    Note: Changing the quantity on the first row calculates the correct quantity and amount for the new row when it is added.

    Distribution page

  2. Click Add a new row Add new row icon.
  3. Click the Chartfields2 tab to display the distribution details for the line item.

    Distribution page

  4. Enter or Lookup the applicable values for the new ChartField distribution row in the following fields:
    • Fund Code
    • Department
    • Program Code
    • Class Field
  5. Repeat steps 3 – 6 to apply additional distributions to the line item, if applicable.

To change the ChartField distribution for the line item:

  1. Enter or Lookup a ShortCode in the SpeedChart field.

    Distribution page

  2. Enter or Lookup a different value in a specific ChartField field(s) on theChartFields 2 tab.

Additional Information

To practice changing ChartFields for a M-marketsite order, see M-marketsite Resources and complete the Change ChartFields or Split Distributions on an M-marketsite Order simulation.