Human Resource Management System

Time Reporting: New Employee Header

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Employees with multiple jobs now have the ability to see additional information when choosing a job for reporting time.

After clicking/tapping the Select Another Job link on the Time Reporting Homepage, a box displays with all applicable jobs.

In addition to the job title, the Empl Rcd# and department now displays to assist in selecting the correct job for reporting time.

Student Administration

Class Information Protection

In an effort to mitigate safety concerns for instructors and students on the Ann Arbor campus, a project was initiated called Class Information Protection.

Starting November 6, days, times, and locations of all U-M Ann Arbor classes have been removed from all public-facing published and searchable class information wherever possible. This alleviates the manual effort, that in the past, was required by the Office of the Registrar to remove this information.

Safe Computing

Visit Safe Computing

Ever wonder what makes a good password? How you can spot phishing before you're caught by it? Or maybe you're just curious about what's new in the world of IT security and privacy? For all of this and much more, visit the Safe Computing website.

Safe Computing is an authoritative site filled with IT security and privacy guidance maintained by ITS Information Assurance (IA). You can learn about data classification that guides security requirements for U-M systems and where you can safely store different kinds of sensitive data. You can also learn to secure your devices and protect your privacy, or find out what personal information U-M collects and how it is used.

For those looking to stay up-to-date on technology news, Safe Computing has a curated list of IT security and privacy articles that is refreshed daily. There is even a collection of social media posts featuring U-M IT community pets, who are just as concerned with protecting you and U-M as we in IA are.

You can protect the university and yourself, and become a more informed digital citizen, all on the Safe Computing website!

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U-M encourages all students, faculty, and staff to engage in safe and legally compliant sharing of copyrighted materials.

Key things to consider when sharing copyrighted materials:

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  • Downloading or sharing copyrighted material (such as music and videos) can be illegal if done without the permission of the copyright owner, whether one profits from it or not.
  • Individuals are responsible for any digital copyright violations associated with their computer and network access if they give others permission to use them.
  • If someone infringes on copyright, even unwittingly, they can be subject to civil damages, and even criminal fines and jail time.

To help the U-M community safely and legally share copyrighted materials, the Copyright Compliance page on Safe Computing provides guidance and links to resources at the university and elsewhere.