View the Communication Summary

Important Information

  • The Communication Summary page displays how many and what types of communications have been entered into M-Pathways for an individual.
  • You can only view or update the communications for a communications category to which you are authorized. You can view your 3C access by clicking on the Operator 3C Groups Summary tab.
  • Refer to Overview of Communication Management for more information.


NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Communications > Person Communications > Communication Summary

Depending on your access, you may also be able to use one of the following navigations:

  • NavBar > Navigator > Student Admissions > 3C’s and Event Summaries >Communication Summary
  • NavBar > Navigator > Student Recruiting > 3C’s and Event Summaries > Communication Summary

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Enter the ID.
    • If the ID is unknown, enter the First Name and Last Name.
  2. Click Search.
    • If applicable, click the individual in the list.
  3. Enter or Lookup the Function and press Tab.
    • Communications do not display on the Communication Summary page until you click Search.
    • If you want to display all communications for this individual without filtering the list, go to step 5.
    • When you tab out of the Function field, the Variable Data link becomes active. Click on this link and enter any variable data. By selecting specific variable data (e.g., career, application number) you can further filter the results.

    Screenshot of the Communication Summary page showing the search criteria.

  4. Enter or Lookup values in the following fields:
    • Category – high level grouping of communications by business process or function
    • Method – the form the communication takes, such as Letter or Phone Call
    • Direction – indicates whether the communication is incoming, outgoing, or personal contact
    • Letter Code – identifies the letter generation code for the form letter, label, or envelope used to communicate with an individual
    • Status – indicates if the communication is complete or incomplete
  5. Click Search.
  6. Review the communication information in the Search Results section on the General Info tab.
  7. Screenshot of the Communication Summary page showing the search results and related fields.

  8. Click the Letter Details tab to view the Letter Code Description field, the Context, and the Enclosure checkbox.
  9. Click Show all columns Show All Columns icon to display all the columns from the General Info and Letter Details tabs.
  10. Click View to display the Communication Detail component in a new window.
    • Click Edit to update the communication in the Communication Management component.
    • Edit is active only if you have access to the Communication Management component and update access to the selected communication.