BusinessObjects: Create Report Breaks


Breaks allow you to group your report by a particular object (such as Accounting Period). You can add subtotals and grand totals. You can fold breaks to hide details.

A report must be in Design mode in order to use breaks.

This procedure covers the following:

  • Insert Breaks
  • Manage Breaks
  • Insert Additional Calculations
  • Fold Breaks
  • Step-by-Step Process

    Insert Breaks

    1. Right-click any data cell in the column where you want to insert a break.
      • Be sure the cell is selected before right-clicking. The first time you click on the cell, the table is selected, as shown by a dark outline. The second time you click, the cell is selected and the column highlighted.
    2. Click Data and select Add Break.

    Breaks can also be added using the Properties Panel.

    1. Click the table or a cell to select it.
    2. Click the Properties Panel icon Property Panel icon
    3. Screenshot of the Properties panel showing the various icons used to open the panel and the menu to select a value for the break.

    4. Click the Report Element Data icon Report Element Data icon.
    5. Click the Break Panel icon Break Panel icon
    6. Select the field by which you want to break the report from the Add a break drop-down list.


    • When a break is added, a footer displays for each break value.
    • To remove a break:
      • Right-click on a cell in the column, click Data and select Remove Break.
      • Click on the break field in the Properties Panel and click Delete Delete icon.

    Manage Breaks

    Breaks have various properties that control how they look, such as add/removing headers or adding page breaks. You can apply and remove the properties as needed to see how different settings impact the report.

    1. Right-click anywhere in the table, click Data and select Edit Break. This opens the Break panel on the Properties panel.
      • Alternatively, you can open the Break panel directly by clicking the Properties Panel icon Property Panel icon, the Report Element Data icon Report Element Data icon and then the Break Panel icon Break Panel icon.
    2. Check and uncheck the boxes next to the elements you want to include or remove:
      • Display properties: Includes options to display a header and footer, sort, and break on only specific values.
      • Duplicate values: If there are duplicate values, set an option to display all, display the first value, merge them, or repeat the first value on a new page.
      • Page Layout: Includes options to start each break on a new page, avoid page breaks in a block, and repeat the header on every page.
      • Screenshot of the break properties window.

    3. Click OK.

    Insert Additional Calculations

    Subtotals display for each break, where applicable. You can add other calculations as needed.

    1. Right-click on a cell in the column where you want to apply a calculation.
    2. Click Footer Calculation.
    3. Select a calculation type.
      • Depending on the data type, the options are Count, Min, Max, Sum, Average, and Percent.

    Note: To delete a calculation, repeat the above steps, and select the calculation type to remove it. The currently selected calculation has a checkmark next to it. When it is selected a second time, the checkmark is removed.

    Fold Breaks

    Folding allows you to hide or display data in a report.

    1. Click the three-dot More menu in the Display section of the toolbar and click Fold/Unfold.
    2. Screenshot of the Display section of the toolbar with the More menu expanded

    3. Click the triangles next to a specific break value to collapse or expand it.
    4. Screenshot of a report with the expand/collapse triangle highlighted.

    5. Click the plus icon in the corner of the table to fold/unfold rows or fold/unfold break values.